Site Equip supports World Toilet Day 2023 and this year’s theme is Accelerating Change.

E Toilet Sales Celebrates World Toilet Day 2023!🚽

World Toilet Day 2023’s theme is all about doing whatever you can to accelerate change. The symbol of this year is a Hummingbird due to an ancient story detailing how a hummingbird would carry water in her beak to help put out a great fire.

We encourage you to be the hummingbird!

What’s happening?

The countdown has commenced to make sure everyone has safe toilets and water by 2030.

3.5 billion people still live without safe toilets and 419 million still practise ‘open defecation’. Due to this, diseases spread like wildfire! 1000 children under-five die every day!

In March, the UN 2023 Water conference formed the Water Action Agenda. This is the assembly of over 800 new and current commitments on sanitation and water from governments, companies, organisations and more.

We urge you to be the change you want to see!

What can we do to help?

Share – Post about World Toilet Day 2023 on your socials to raise awareness. Remember your hashtags!

Talk – Talk about the significant connection between toilets, water and menstruation.

Do – Fix any leaking water, waste pipes. Empty your full septic tanks, E Toilet Sales can help! Make an enquiry here to find out more about emptying your septic tanks.

Write – Write to your elected representatives about improving water and sanitation at home and oversees to push the change!