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E Toilet Sales Celebrates World Toilet Day 2023!🚽

E Toilet Sales Celebrates World Toilet Day 2023!🚽

Site Equip supports World Toilet Day 2023 and this year’s theme is Accelerating Change.

E Toilet Sales Celebrates World Toilet Day 2023!🚽

World Toilet Day 2023’s theme is all about doing whatever you can to accelerate change. The symbol of this year is a Hummingbird due to an ancient story detailing how a hummingbird would carry water in her beak to help put out a great fire.

We encourage you to be the hummingbird!

What’s happening?

The countdown has commenced to make sure everyone has safe toilets and water by 2030.

3.5 billion people still live without safe toilets and 419 million still practise ‘open defecation’. Due to this, diseases spread like wildfire! 1000 children under-five die every day!

In March, the UN 2023 Water conference formed the Water Action Agenda. This is the assembly of over 800 new and current commitments on sanitation and water from governments, companies, organisations and more.

We urge you to be the change you want to see!

What can we do to help?

Share – Post about World Toilet Day 2023 on your socials to raise awareness. Remember your hashtags!

Talk – Talk about the significant connection between toilets, water and menstruation.

Do – Fix any leaking water, waste pipes. Empty your full septic tanks, E Toilet Sales can help! Make an enquiry here to find out more about emptying your septic tanks.

Write – Write to your elected representatives about improving water and sanitation at home and oversees to push the change!

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E Toilet Sales Promoted Vicki To HR Manager

E Toilet Sales Promoted Vicki Fuller to HR Manager

E Toilet Sales have promoted the marvellous Vicki Fuller to HR Manager.

Vicki, previously HR Executive, has been promoted to HR Manager after two years with the company, which she joined in 2021 as a Transport Planner.

Since starting Vicki has won the award for Employee of the Year for making a big impact throughout her transition to HR Executive.

The promotion comes as Vicki has passed her CIPD LEVEL 5 in People Management and has managed our summer recruitment drive successfully. As HR manager, Vicki will work to implement and oversee effective HR policies and practices, including; training and development, recruitment and organisational performance.

Vicki Fuller comments ‘I am really grateful for the opportunity to progress into the position of HR Manager at Site Equip. Having recently completed my Level 5 CIPD in People Management, I really appreciate all the support I have received from the Directors and all my colleagues! I am looking forward to continuing to support the whole team with all things HR!’

Adam Gilbert, Director, adds ‘After an impressive start to Vicki’s HR Executive role she has been promoted to HR Manager following her recent achievement of passing her level 5 CIPD. Whilst focusing on this, Vicki has recruited and inducted 60+ employees since April.’

Congratulations Vicki Fuller
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E Toilet Sales Promote Tina to Depot Office Manager

E Toilet Sales Promote Tina to Depot Office Manager

E Toilet Sales have promoted the wonderful Tina Purser to Depot Office Manager.

Tina joined in the recent acquisition from WC Hire and has shown incredible dedication and commitment to the company.

In her new role, Tina will be managing the sales process from enquiries through to invoicing, overseeing the transport schedule and monitoring office admin.

Tina states ‘I have worked in the toilet industry for 3 ½  years, first with Nigel and Les as an administrator and then from February this year for Site Equip.  Since joining I have been encouraged by Nigel and Amy to push myself and in doing so have been given the position of Depot Office Manager. As a manager, I am hard working and reliable and conscientious.  My life outside of work is as a mother of two boys and a nutty dog and a wife.  I enjoy walking, keeping fit and when I have time baking but mostly spending time with friends and family.’

Amy Gilbert, Director, remarked ‘Since the acquisition of WC Hire Tina has been invaluable in the integration of the two companies and thoroughly deserves this promotion to Office Manager. We look forward to seeing her progress in her career. ‘

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Top Tips for Your Toilet Hire Delivery

Top Tips for Your Toilet Hire Delivery

Are you looking for tips before hiring a toilet to your construction site? Are you ready for E Toilets to deliver to your construction site? What do you need to know to make sure you are fully prepared for your toilet hire? Here are some helpful tips to make your delivery as easy as possible!

E Toilet Sales have put some handy tips together to help with the delivery of your Toilet hire delivery. We want to make your delivery as smooth as possible.
Here are six tips to make sure this happens!

◼️ Providing us with a mobile number for someone on-site. Providing us with an up to date mobile number for a contact on the site means we can talk to your site directly! 

◼️Send us your What3words! Need your toilet delivered into a specific space? Send us your What3words and we can ensure your toilet is delivered within that square! 

◼️Can we fit a flatbed truck into the space? Our toilets are delivered on a flatbed truck, so if there is restricted access; let us know so we are able to plan and assess the best way to deliver your chosen hire!

◼️Do you have any delivery instructions? The more we know the easier it is for us to deliver to you! Let us know if there is a gate code or another entrance.

◼️Provide us with a second on-site contact. Two is always better than one when it comes to on-site contacts. This helps us in case we are unable to reach your first designated contact. 

◼️Do you have a set time you need your hire delivered? Let us know if you need your hire products at a certain time or your sites opening hours so we can deliver at your preferred time if possible! 

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Winter guide for hot wash toilets

Winter Guide for Hot Wash Toilet Hire

If you are looking to hire a Hot Wash toilet throughout the winter months, we recommend reading this before hiring.

As the weather is getting colder and budgets getting tighter, we advise hiring our cost-effective Hot Wash toilets for your site.

Winter guide for hot wash toilets

E Toilet Sales offers  Hot Wash toilets that contain a re-circulating portable toilet with a hot wash heater to heat up water in the wash basin. The heater is available in 110v or 240v.

As per HSE regulations, the Hot Wash toilet’s wash basin is large enough to wash up to your elbow. The hot water temperature is controlled for optimum hand washing, at a temperature of 40-43˚C and can take approx. 8 minutes to heat up.

As part of our weekly service we will also fill the unit with water.

As part of our terms and conditions, it is the customers responsibility to keep this filled with water throughout the week. In the event the water does run dry, the internal thermal will operate as a safeguard. The unit MUST be immediately switched off to reduce the chance of permeant damage and refilled with water. Allow 1-2 minutes before switching it on again.

Please keep the hot wash heater connected to the electricity supply and switched on to prevent frost damage.

Order your Hot Wash toilet online here.

Remember you are able to order your construction site sanitation online.

As part of our continual aim to provide our customers with the best possible products, along with the best experience: we offer online ordering. You can place your order online, choose your delivery speed to reflect your budget, either 1-2 days or 3-5 days, or if you would like a specific date, enter that into the order details

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Portable Toilet Hire Calculator

How to Calculate Your Portable Toilet Requirements?

How Many Toilets Are Needed At A Construction Site? This is the most common question asked to our hire team, to ensure you have the correct number of re-circulating portable chemical toilets on your building site.

The answer is simple! There should be one toilet per 7 persons per 40 hour working week. 

Here at E Toilet Sales we understand that on your building and construction site you may have trades which vary how many people you have on site, both increasing and decreasing. Fortunately, this is why we offer additional services to your chemical toilets, whether you require twice a week servicing, every day or just once a month we are able to adapt our servicing schedule to your needs.

In addition to How Many Toilets Are Needed At A Construction Site? The second most common question we receive is what type of site toilets do I have to have?

There are four types of portable toilets which are HSE (Health and Safety Executive) approved that we offer.

These are:

Recirculating Portable Chemical Toilet

Re-Circulating Portable Chemical Toilet

Re-circulating Portable Chemical Toilets were created for all your construction site needs. These self-contained toilet do not require mains drainage or power.

The Re-circulating Portable Chemical Toilets are fitted with a flushing pump, along with the a cold water sink.

Re-Circulating Hot Water Portable Chemical Toilet

Re-Circulating Hot Water Portable Chemical Toilet

Re-circulating Hot Water Portable Chemical Toilets were created for all your construction site needs. These self-contained toilet require mains power but not mains drainage.

The Re-circulating Portable Chemical Toilets are fitted with a flushing pump, along with the a hot water sink. Available in 110v or 240v.

Recirculating Portable disabled toilet

Re-Circulating Portable Disabled / Easy Accessible Toilet

Re-circulating Portable Disabled Toilets were designed for wheelchair access and use. We understand accessibility is important! These self-contained toilets are perfectly spacious and do not require mains drainage or power. 

The Re-circulating Portable Chemical Toilets are fitted with a hand pump, along with a hand sanitiser.

Mains Connected Portable Toilet

Mains Connected Portable Toilet

The Mains Connected Portable Toilet is perfect for all construction and long-term sites.
These toilets contain both a tradition porcelain toilet bowl and an electric heater to provide you with hot water.
The Mains Connected Portable Toilet are available in 110v or 240v.

The Mains Connected Portable Toilet requires mains power, drainage and water supply.

Order Online now!

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Welcome to the E Toilet Sales Blog :-)

Posted 02/04/2013

E Toilet Sales started in the summer of 2010, when two friends on holiday thought setting up a Portable Toilet Company in the UK would be a good idea. After many beers later E Toilet Sales was born ! Why E Toilet Sales, well one of the previous directors Trevor Leake ran another company called ETS so we had to try and find words that fitted with the letters ETS. We also incorporated the word toilet nicely too…

In October 2010 we registered Easy Toilet Service and were lucky enough to become the UK distributers for Armal portable toilets and accessories.

In 2011 we had to change our name from Easy Toilet Services to E Toilet Sales as the use of orange toilets with the word Easy felt like we were trying to imitate a well know company brand.

In 2021, Site Equip Acquired ETS and rebranded to E Toilet Sales.

It was fantastic last year when we hired our toilets out for the Olympic Park and were in an fantastic position at Stratford Station…

Portable toilets on Stratford Station 2012 for the Olympics

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