Are you looking for tips before hiring a toilet to your construction site? Are you ready for E Toilets to deliver to your construction site? What do you need to know to make sure you are fully prepared for your toilet hire? Here are some helpful tips to make your delivery as easy as possible!

E Toilet Sales have put some handy tips together to help with the delivery of your Toilet hire delivery. We want to make your delivery as smooth as possible.
Here are six tips to make sure this happens!

◼️ Providing us with a mobile number for someone on-site. Providing us with an up to date mobile number for a contact on the site means we can talk to your site directly! 

◼️Send us your What3words! Need your toilet delivered into a specific space? Send us your What3words and we can ensure your toilet is delivered within that square! 

◼️Can we fit a flatbed truck into the space? Our toilets are delivered on a flatbed truck, so if there is restricted access; let us know so we are able to plan and assess the best way to deliver your chosen hire!

◼️Do you have any delivery instructions? The more we know the easier it is for us to deliver to you! Let us know if there is a gate code or another entrance.

◼️Provide us with a second on-site contact. Two is always better than one when it comes to on-site contacts. This helps us in case we are unable to reach your first designated contact. 

◼️Do you have a set time you need your hire delivered? Let us know if you need your hire products at a certain time or your sites opening hours so we can deliver at your preferred time if possible!