Your Re-circulating portable chemical toilet works on a re-circulating basis therefore the fluid collected in the base of the waste tank is recycled and used for flushing. After receiving your chemical toilet there are a few simple instructions you will need to follow in order to prepare your toilet for use:

  • Lift the toilet seat lid completely and expose the base of the tank, you will see in the bottom of the tank a hose and filter, which is attached to the pull flush handle.
  • Take your blue chemical additive and pour in the required amount.
  • Once the chemical has been added, you will need to add water approx 15-20 litres0 enough to cover the filter bag attached to the hose, situated in the base of the tank.
  • On the completion of the above, place down the complete tank lid and pull the flushing handle to test the toilet is drawing up the fluid from the tank, if it is not you may need to add a little more water or pull the handle a couple of times to extract air.
  • Once the water and chemical are flowing through the flush pump, the toilet is ready to use.

The tank can contain an estimated 200 litres of fluid before it is in urgent need of emptying. Frequently check on the tank to decide when it needs emptying.

Wet waste disposal companies within your area can be found in a local directory or yellow pages.

If you have any problems with your Re-circulating portable chemical toilet please contact our servicing team  on 01992 899453

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