Posted 01/07/2013

Here at ETS, we know that our portable toilets really do come in extremely handy and are found in locations all over the UK. Travel anywhere in the nation and you will probably find that somebody somewhere is making good use of our solutions. In fact the portable toilet hire uses of ETS systems are really quite diverse and varied that even we are surprised sometimes at how helpful our little rooms are in a range of situations.

Of course, in the summer time there are always a lot of music festivals and events where you will find that ETS loos are helping people spend a penny in between acts. But what about on construction sites? Of course, you can find us there and we think we play a vital role in helping construction projects get completed thanks to our toilets. Outdoor events can always be a needy environment for loos and things like summer fairs or a circus can always use the ETS services. And with lots of building work going on in schools and offices, a portable loo can provide a great temporary toilet facility for pupils and workers. Portable toilet hire uses are many indeed and we are sure that you could think of plenty more!

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