Re-Circulating Portable Disabled / Easy Accessible Toilets designed specifically for wheelchair users are essential in many instances and locations, from construction sites to small renovations across the UK.

Although rarer than the standard cubicle toilets that you may see on building sites, fisheries and at farms, there is an obvious addition that is not often considered by the able bodied amongst us.

Even though the ratio between regular portable toilets and those designed for wheelchair users shows the majority to be for able bodied individuals, there is a definite call for the specially designed disabled portable toilet.

Portable disabled toilet for disabled users

Constructed from quality grade materials and featuring a selection of optional extras to ensure the right toilet choice for the customer, the disabled portable toilets offered by E Toilet Sales are spacious enough to easily accommodate individuals requiring the room to manoeuvre without restrictions.

Our Re-Circulating Portable Disabled Toilets are specifically designed to allow all wheelchair users to use and manoeuvre with ease.
Each disabled toilet features a hand pump flushing system and has extra-wide doors to accommodate for easy access.

Additionally, there is a wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser placed lower to ensure it is easy to reach.

Recirculating the sanitising chemicals efficiently and cleanly, E Toilet Sales feature these roomy units in many locations across the whole of the UK, where they offer an unparalleled amount of comfort and reliability.

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