Posted 02/04/2013

E Toilet Sales started in the summer of 2010, when two friends on holiday thought setting up a Portable Toilet Company in the UK would be a good idea. After many beers later E Toilet Sales was born ! Why E Toilet Sales, well one of the previous directors Trevor Leake ran another company called ETS so we had to try and find words that fitted with the letters ETS. We also incorporated the word toilet nicely too…

In October 2010 we registered Easy Toilet Service and were lucky enough to become the UK distributers for Armal portable toilets and accessories.

In 2011 we had to change our name from Easy Toilet Services to E Toilet Sales as the use of orange toilets with the word Easy felt like we were trying to imitate a well know company brand.

In 2021, Site Equip Acquired ETS and rebranded to E Toilet Sales.

It was fantastic last year when we hired our toilets out for the Olympic Park and were in an fantastic position at Stratford Station…

Portable toilets on Stratford Station 2012 for the Olympics